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In Russia, the European classification of hotels has been adopted, but it should be borne in mind that not all hotels in Russia correspond to the declared "stars". Now the classification is carried out by the Federal Agency for Tourism, but produced at the request of the owners themselves. Most of the Russian hotels have not been certified. The standard adopted by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism in 2011 will oblige hotel owners to recount the "stars" in accordance with the international standard of hotel classification.


Average Cost

The average cost of a hotel room in Russia in 2017 is 151 euros. In Moscow, the average cost of placement in 2017 was 171 euros; While the price of a night in a three-star hotel on average was 97 euros, in a four-star hotel - 155 euros and 225 euros in a five-star hotel.

Classification of Russian Hotels

The new hotel classification system, adopted in Russia, has been in force since 2011. The assessment system is as close as possible to the European one. It applies only to those hotels that already have "stars" - they will be cross-checked; As well as hotels that will qualify for the "stars" for the first time. Certification, however, will still not be mandatory - which means that hotels have rights and do not pass it at all.

Types of hotels in Russia

Numerous standard hotels have inherited Russia from the Soviet Union; They are characterized by large sizes, low quality of service and low (and sometimes minimal) level of amenities. Some of them are restored and quite competitive, however, most of these hotels do not exceed the standard 2-star hotels in terms of comfort. Nevertheless, the shortage of hotels in Russia makes such hotels quite in demand, even despite high prices. Mini-hotels in Russia are small family-type hotels and are analogous to European Bed and Breakfast (B & B) hotels. Usually these are private houses, the owners of which rent rooms to the guests only in season. In Russia, this type of accommodation is typical for most large cities. As a rule, when settling in mini-hotels located at sea and ski resorts, the cost of overnight stays out of the struggle of contrasting feelings: the stubbornness of the host and the stinginess of the guest. Often owners of mini-hotels can offer guests excursions, which they themselves conduct. Traditionally, mini-hotels have three stars. The number of rooms should not exceed 50. The motels are traditionally located on the roads or roads, have parking and convenient access roads. Motels appeared in Russia relatively recently and, most likely, for a long time: the huge territory of the country has the resources for their appearance. Most of the motels in Russia are located in the vicinity of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Krasnodar Territory. In accordance with the classification of hotels adopted in Russia, motels can have from 1 * to 4 *. Aparthotels differ from ordinary hotels in that they offer not rooms, but classic apartments, more like apartments. However, at the same time the traditional principles of booking and settlement, which are accepted in hotels, are preserved. Meals are not provided, and the service is limited to cleaning the rooms. An analogue of the apartments can serve as a suite in an ordinary hotel, but the apartments are often more spacious, and cheaper suites. In Russia, aparthotels are still represented only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Boarding houses in Russia are located mainly in special climatic zones, pine forests, or near mineral springs. Therefore, when choosing a boarding house, it is necessary to take into account the distance from settlements and the possibility of a transfer. Rooms are predominantly single and double, less often quadruple; Equipped with, among other things, a TV, radio and refrigerator. However, in general, the rooms do not differ in high comfort - and not all boarding houses have modern furniture. Some boarding houses also offer various treatment procedures, in particular, elements of spa therapy. The cost of accommodation is usually equal to or lower than the cost of a room in a three-star hotel. Sanatoriums in Russia are not hotels, but medical facilities - whereas in the rest of the world it is, above all, medical hotels. Most of the sanatoriums are located in regions with good ecology and natural healing resources, such as the resorts of Mineral Waters in the Caucasus. Hostels are concentrated in 18 cities of Russia; Most budget hotels are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to the level of service and the number of services provided, hostels in Russia, as a rule, do not differ from similar accommodation options in Europe or the USA. The average cost of living in a Russian hostel is much lower than the cost of staying overnight in a hotel. In summer, book your accommodation in advance.s

Hotel 1 *

One-star hotels are located on the outskirts of the settlements. Traditionally, independent travelers and young people stay there. Usually it is a small hotel with no more than ten rooms and which is serviced by a family of entrepreneurs. Meals are not supposed, but it is possible by agreement. The comfort requirements in this type of hotel are minimal: there is only a bed and a bedside table in the room; Conveniences - on the floor. In addition, the entrance after 1 am is prohibited.

Hotel 2*

The room is equipped with a bed, a table, a chair and often a sink. The presence of a shower and a TV (however, for the remote from which you have to pay extra) - perhaps, but it should be taken into account that this is not a mandatory requirement. As for meals, in two-star hotels, as a rule, only breakfast is offered.

Hotel 3*

The room of a three-star hotel is usually single or double; Must be equipped with a telephone, a TV and, possibly, a mini-bar. For family vacationers traditionally accommodation in a double room with an extra bed.

Hotel 4*

The four-star russian hotel is distinguished by an increased level of comfort and a good location - usually the center of the city. The presence of a guarded parking lot, a sports hall, the possibility of ordering a taxi and minibuses is a must. In addition, this type of hotel has a large number of additional services. Rooms, in addition to standard household appliances, must be equipped with a refrigerator, air conditioning and mini-safe.

Hotel 5*

Traditionally, a five-star hotel is a complex with all the necessary infrastructure for life: restaurants, bars, fitness centers, shops, beauty salons and laundries. The rooms can be different: bunk, in which the bedroom (or bedrooms) are located on the second floor; Or in the form of multi-room apartments, more like an apartment. In addition, the rooms are additionally equipped with removable bathrobes, cosmetics, slippers, possibly - a computer with internet access.

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